Braydan Tomizaki, a student at Las Lomas High School, won the title of Overall Grand Champion at the Tiger Claw Elite Championships on May 19. This kung fu tournament drew over 650 competitors in San Jose. Braydan won two 1st and one 3rd in different events. This earned him the Grand Champion title in Advanced Traditional Kung Fu. He then competed against the Grand Champions of Shaolin Kung Fu and Wushu styles. This was the first time Tiger Claw Elite had the Grand Champions of each style compete against each other.  Against a field of 5 other Grand Champions, Braydan won the title of Overall Grand Champion in the 14 – 17 year-old division, and was the only traditional kung fu martial artist to win this title.

One of the judges was Wu Bin, the coach of Jet Li.  Braydan has won seven Grand Champion titles over the last two years. He’s competed in Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Jose and Concord. Coming in October, he will be going to Brazil to compete in the 10th ITKFA Chinese Martial Arts Championship. This international tournament is held annually alternating between Brazil and Concord.  He has won the Grand Champion title twice at this tournament. However, he will face a much bigger challenge in Brazil, as that tournament draws over 600 traditional martial artists.

Braydan’s father, Master Daniel Tomizaki, is an international Grand Champion himself, having won over eight Grand Champion titles as an adult, as well as the 4-Star International Grand Champion.  He was recently featured on the cover of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine (Mar/Apr 2018 edition). Both he and Braydan can be found at Tomizaki’s Champions Kung Fu teaching classes and training at 4700 Clayton Rd in Concord.

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