Will claney


If I were to write a spy novel I couldn’t think of a more sinister plot than to take over the world by hacking into the biggest computer networks and hold all the data as ransom and require you to pay to get it back.  Of course I would start with the weakest targets, you.


Oh wait.  I don’t have to write about fiction when the facts show this attack is already underway.  I don’t want to alarm you, but the cyber criminals are already attempting such world domination take-over events, and you are there targets.  Why?


You are the target of cyber criminals because you are easy to hack, lightly protected from crime and, well, just easy to pick off.  Cyber criminals will attack only lightly defended corporations and large computer farms, but mainly because their IT personal did their job poorly or use less effective tools to defend themselves.  You, on the other hand are like shooting fish in a barrel.  Can’t miss.


So, how does one so exposed to threats defend themselves?  Typically Internet defenses are mounted with retail or Internet versions of anti-virus and anti-malware.  Well, in the “good-ol-days” (last week, that is) retail versions of cyber security worked quite nicely.  Most did the job of keeping “known” virus, Trojans, and malware out of your computer.  Today, however, crime has evolved.


Typical retail versions of anti-virus, anti-malware, ransomware called Crypto Locker (AV-AM-Crypto) etc. are outmatched by specialized threats created by these hucksters and they are no longer a safe or viable solution against such crime.  To ward off the spirits of crime it now takes Enterprise versions of AV-AM-Crypto software.  The characteristics of Enterprise versions of protection outweigh the hacking abilities of some of the most savvy hackers, it’s the reason large corporations use these systems, heretofore not available to the home and small business users.


ComputersUSA, with its partner SolarWinds, are bringing military grade, bullet proof, Enterprise versions of anti-virus, anti-malware and Crypto blocking software to you.  It is now available on a managed service basis that monitors your computer for threats, updates daily, and protects against cyber threats.  The cost of such an actively managed service is about the same, or less, than annual subscriptions to McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG and Malwarebytes.  The big differences are it is managed for you, meaning we install, maintain, update and renew it for you, so you get the military grade Enterprise version of protection you normally can’t obtain on your own.


We call it CUSA-Care, you should call it yours.