Will claney By Will Claney


The information technology wags (IT geeks) are quick to point out that cyber security is today’s number one threat to the health and welfare of your digital world.  Well, that may be true, but what is cyber security and how do I get one?

The University of Maryland University Collage (UMUC) a leading security educational facility describes cyber security this way, “Cyber security, or information technology security, protects computers, networks, programs & [sic] data from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction.”


CUSA_ SSD ads w Devlin 020316 1Okay so this problem sounds like something Wal-Mart might be interested in, perhaps, to keep their shoppers credit card information safe.  Well, since Wal-Mart, along with dozens of other corporate data breaches, make the news every day, what chance do you have using your little computer to fend off weapons and attacks from all over the Internet?

The big companies ignored the problems; they let their security lapse and didn’t believe their own geeks when they were told of threats, patches, updates, malware, viri, bots, DDoS, security holes and the gambit of vulnerability problems. All the problems were to “high-tech” for the suits in the golden offices so their warnings went unheeded. Will you make the same mistake?

What have you done lately to protect your computing environment?  It is good you have anti-virus, and some of you have malware protection, but it’s not enough. Do you think you’re safe from an attack of 10,000 computers at once?  Let me say it again, so you think you are safe from 10,000 computers attacking you?  Pause and think about it.  Every time you enter the Internet tens of thousands of computers are trying to find your weakness and invade your life. True.

How do you fight back, do you even have a chance?  The answer is yes.  You can fight back, and you can be safe.  We certainly recommend anti-virus and anti-malware protection, but that’s not enough anymore.  You need cyber security through a managed service provider (MSP).  It monitors bad activities on your computer and mobilizes a coordinated defense. With an MSP you join an army of good guys that point their computer power in the direction of your protection.  Fight back with truly amazing defensive power. Find out more by contacting an MSP near you, like us.