According to Microsoft Bing, “Every day, there are at least 560,000 instances of new malware
(viruses and malicious programs) being created and detected. This number includes both malware programs and unwanted apps that can, down the line, cause malware infections if they stay installed long enough.” There are about 18 million virus instances today, according to Symantec.

“You can’t handle the truth” is a memorable quote from Jack Nicholson in the 1992 military court drama film “A Few Good Men”, which is often used to deny someone information that has been deemed too penetrating.

Here’s the truth.
Did you know that your anti-virus is now passé? *
For someone that only surfs the Internet for fun and is not concerned with security, any anti-virus will do. However, serious users, business owners, professionals such as dentists, attorneys, stock traders, and those who bank online, this is your wake-up call for the next generation of security. Here’s the truth – hackers are everywhere, and they can hack past most security measures.

What to do?
We recommend and endorse the latest solution called Endpoint Detection and Response or EDR for short (aka XDR). EDR is a commonly used term in cybersecurity. This applies to PCs, Apples, iPhone, Androids, workstations, servers, etc.

First, what is an endpoint?
Endpoints include laptops, mobile devices, workstations, servers, and any entry-point to the network. Almost anything connected to an organization’s network is an endpoint. With the increased use of personal computers, work from home users and mobile workstations endpoints are everywhere.
Anti-virus (AV) solutions have traditionally relied on something called signature matching to determine threats. The AV software compares incoming files against a list of known database infections (signatures). As the number of virus infections increase it takes longer for your computer to sort through the list, thus slowing your computer. When your AV software finds a match it deletes, or asks if you think you should delete, the file.
EDR does it differently. EDR solutions rely on “real time” behavioral analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) to spot injurious behavior in addition to known threats. The truth is EDR solution can spot a virus and delete it before signature-matching antivirus can finish searching its list. It just outthinks the bad people.
Seriously, most anti-virus solutions are a dud these days. That is why we are asking everyone to upgrade to this new threat solution. Price? About the same as that “lame-o-junk” most users have.
Now go do the right thing, handle the truth and get EDR protection. We use SentinelOne as our EDR solution. (Visit for a comprehensive overview of EDR.) You should use it too.

Based upon an article by Adnet, EDR solution provider.