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Computer Corner
   By: Will ClaneyCUSA_ SSD ad b&w 040716


Each day the crime against your computers, laptops and cell phones gets more intense and the ransom demanded to “fix” your computer becomes more expensive.  The standard “fix” from the cyber criminals is now costing over $500.00 with a promise from them that everything will be okay, just trust them and allow them to have access to your computer so they can “help” you.  Wow, if that scam doesn’t scare the stuffing’s out you, perhaps nothing will.


I suppose the question becomes, who’s watching out for you?  Is your antivirus strong enough to protect you?  Are the Cyber-Criminals outrunning your best efforts to keep them out?  Are you spending a great deal of time upgrading and reviewing the latest threats?  Well, for some of you, this is like a game – good guys vs. bad guys starring Ronald Reagan and Richard Widmark as Tommy Udo.


For the rest of us, it’s not a game, it is real life and your individual efforts may not be good enough, besides, who’s got the time to invest in learning anti-hacking techniques, constantly update software, patch faulty programs (even if you knew which ones to patch) and monitor the health of your computer… when all you want to do is surf the web?


Perhaps the good guys now have the upper hand thanks to technology and some very savvy geeks who have invented RMM.  RMM, or Remote Monitoring and Management systems use massive computer power and acres of servers, cloud based storage systems and crime fighting Enterprise levels of protection that may finally give the good guys the upper hand.


All the protection you need for under ten bucks a month.  Think about it.  Standard antivirus costs about that on a monthly basis.  But, you do all the work to keep it working.  For about the same price hire a local geek and it’s their job to keep an eye on the criminals for you.  Besides fighting crime, we know when a hard drive is about to crash and can tell you, or we know when to patch software and do it for you.  Easy.


RMM systems have been in development for years but mostly for large Fortune 500 companies, however, one now exists for smaller users.  These systems have made health monitoring and Enterpirse level Anti-Virus service available to companies like ours.  Our geeks now have the tools to monitor, repair and maintain your computer health that will protect your system – locally.


Bad guys, Ronny’s got SDI.  See your “LOCAL” computer dealer for details.  If they don’t have them, we do.