If you didn’t catch “Wheel of Fortune” on Friday, January 26, then you missed Concord’s Danny Hauger’s valiant second-place finish. Although, he did bring home $7,300 in prize money.
Hauger, a musician and recording artist, applied online to be a contestant on the game show and as required uploaded a video of himself. In addition to being a performer, his background includes eight years as a teacher, most recently at Heritage High School in Brentwood, California.
“I thought one of my unique appeals was that I teach with a very friendly personality. I thought that would be good for the show. I was a fun, loving, friendly person that people would want to cheer for.”
The producers agreed and he received the invitation to screen test.
All the contestants played in a practice run and then the show called those they liked for a date to tape.
Hauger chose to play on December 1.
The hardest part is afterwards. Contestants are forbidden to discuss their show results to anyone until it airs several weeks later.
“I finished in second place. I held the lead for a little bit in the beginning, so I got to feel what it was like to be in first. I got a little mix of everything — a little nerves at the beginning, success solving two puzzles in the middle, and then watching the person (next to me) just absolutely fly by me and destroy the rest of the field.”
Hauger also enjoyed speaking with host Pat Sajak and Vanna White.
“They were both lovely. I’m Speaking to Pat during commercials, the little banter back and forth was a blast. He complimented me on how good of a teammate I was cheering on my other contestants.”
It was a pretty quick but eventful two-night trip.
“I felt really proud to indirectly represent the area.” Whether getting groceries, a haircut or oil change, Hauser felt that people were cheering him on. “It just made me feel even more connected to the community. “
Sajak also helped plug Hauger’s music, much of which is written about this area.
“It felt like a high point in everything I’ve done so far. Just kind of culminating in one brief moment on national TV. It was great, and I loved it.”-

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