On the cover of this edition is a shot of the American Dream TV show being taped inside Luna Restaurant of Concord.

The “American Dream” is a national TV show with an EMMY nominated production team. The local edition is hosted by real estate professionals within the Bay Area, and more specifically, for central Contra Costa County, Deborah Zacharatos of Keller Williams and Brian Reeg of CMG Mortgage. They were selected to be the “Voice” for this market.

American Dream is not a reality show but rather a real show designed to feature the best in real estate. Zacharatos and Reeg, a husband-and-wife team, were chosen by the producers because of their long-standing success in their respective fields.
Zacharatos has done real estate with Keller Williams for the past eighteen years and has won several performance awards throughout her career. Reeg has been providing mortgages for the past thirty years.
“We want to show people being real and living the life in the Bay Area.”
Zacharatos and Reeg’s taped their first show in October 2023 which aired in December. They featured a Fashion Show Gala fundraiser at Macy’s in Walnut Creek organized by the Women’s Council of Realtors. The beneficiaries were Cinnamongirl, Inc. of Oakland, Special Olympics and Rainbow Community Center.

That show aired on CBS affiliate, KPIX. In 2024, American Dream plans to stream more and will be seen on Amazon Prime, Travel Channel, Roku, Amazon Fire, and YouTube TV as well as various social media sites.

For their second show, they interviewed farmers at the Farmers Market at Todos Santos who supply fresh produce not only Luna, but other restaurants in the surrounding area. Then the crew went inside Luna to put a spotlight on its operation and on Chef/Owner Habib El Jacifi.

Each show will be a compilation of five four- to five-minute segments of businesses, fundraisers, and activities from different communities also produced by other realtors around the Bay Area.
Their next show planned will feature a segment on Recycling and why it matters for the community to leave as little of a footprint as possible.