On January 28, the Concord Council voted 3-2 to terminate the Exclusive Negotiation Agreement with Concord First Partners.  As note, I was one of the “2” who accepted the Term Sheet. The question that remains is what next?
    In listening to all the discussions up to this point, the following appears to be what is being asked going forward from the various sides.
    1. Accessory Dwelling Units (Mother-in-Law units) separate or attached are not acceptable as affordable housing.
    2. Additional housing over the approximately 12,500 originally suggested is a No-go.
    3. Affordable housing needs millions more direct aid from the Development to further subsidize the free land and utilities along with some guarantee of being built.  No number was given but likely to be in the ballpark of $50m and $100 million.

    4. A Union Agreement, probably in the form of a wall-to-wall agreement.
    5. In all cases of privately held companies, conduct an investigation into the family including an intense scrutiny of secession, and of the family dynamics as it relates to ownership.
    6. Especially for privately held companies’ investigation, a statement of the actions of the prior generations and family members in the business.
    7. Disclosure and discussion of all accusations, not just court cases. Not only present but also past generations of private companies and corporate, probably going back at least 40 years given what was brought up on one private company minority owner. Whether Wall Street Companies would be given a different treatment is unknown or how to deal with investor groups of stockholders. What would we do if the Trump Family owned 10% of a Corporation?
    8. Ongoing disclosure and investigation of all accusations with or without court actions that could potentially impact the business.  For international Wall Street Companies this may have to extend to all worldwide operations.
    9. Detailed arrangements with GoMentum A.I. vehicle testing.
    10. Detailed methodology in the Return-on-Investment calculations.
    11. Possible reconfiguration to start the first phase at the area just beyond the North Concord BART Station and a discussion again about a buffer there.
    12. Upfront indications of a traffic impact plan (since there is opposition based upon the impacts on Highway 4), but not as part of the Environmental Impact Report.
     Personally, what I would add from my perspective is what I had been advocating (but is up to the City and not the Developer): an independent and accepted environmental oversight and advisory body to work with not against the Developer and their sub-contractors: a community advisory body composed with design experts in construction/ development to work with the Developer and the community directly to get things moving smoothly without constant interaction with the City Council.
     Going forward, the Navy continues to be a supporter of the Area Plan and a partner with the City/Local Reuse Authority, and want to work to find ways to expedite property transfer.
    I should hope we can make this a top priority and get going.
    This represents the personal views of me, Edi Birsan, (Brown Act be dammed /or damned/. If you want to talk about it, let me know.  EdiBirsan@gmail.com