Maybe you have seen the “Barbie” movie, who hasn’t? But have you ever seen a vintage #1 Barbie? You will on September 23 at the World Doll Day Show coming to the Concord Plaza Hotel, 45 John Glen Dr.
Show Promoter, Mary Senko, received a Bubble-cut Barbie Doll when she was seven, and has been collecting dolls ever since. That Barbie was her favorite, and now she is sharing her love of dolls, toys, bears, and miniatures, by promoting World Doll Day Shows and Sales to encourage others to join the fun.

What about the #1 Barbie? The Directors of the Grovian Doll Museum from Pacific Grove, Calif, Michael Canadas and David Robinson, have generously agreed to be on hand at the Concord Doll Show and Sale and will display their original 1959 hand-painted #1 Barbie at the event. There were only 150 of these rare Barbies made, and she is a part of the exquisite museum collection found at The Grovian Doll Museum and The Carmel Doll Shop.
“World Doll Day Shows offer a fun, all-inclusive shopping experience.” Says Senko. “Our shows give attendees a chance to see fabulous and rare dolls and toys, ask questions, meet up with other collectors, and take home treasures from top-rated vendors in the area.”

Shoppers will be treated to over 45 vendors with a mix of Barbie, collectible, vintage, modern, artist, and antique dolls, bears, toys, and miniatures. Two repair specialists will be available to offer options for dolls that need some extra love or repair.
You will have chances to win dolls, bears, and other door prizes. Show hours are: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is $10, and Children 12 and under are free.
World Doll Day was created in 1986 to encourage the doll-collecting hobby and to promote “the fascinating world of doll artistry and doll and toy collecting” by the founder of Seeley Dolls, Mildred Seeley (1918-2001). “I was so impressed with Mildred Seeley’s entrepreneurship and creativity. She named her events, “World Doll Day Shows” to promote every day a day to enjoy dolls. “If you love dolls, you are certain to love this event.”
You can find more information about upcoming shows on Senko’s website at: or follow:
Photos courtesy of Carmel Doll Shop and Barbra Photograhy