Movie review by Colleen Gonzalez

Recent widow Nancy Stokes (Emma Thompson) has an unusual bucket list. Since her sex life with her now deceased husband was unsatisfying, she decides to hire a sex worker to help her explore her sensuality.
Enter Leo Grande (Daryl McCormack), a young, confident, sexy companion for hire. He has his work cut out for him as he combats Nancy’s neuroses and constant questions about his personal life.
With the exception of a few minor roles, Thompson and McCormack are the only actors in the film. And since most of the plot unfolds in a hotel room, the restricted setting can make you feel as if you’re watching a play. We do not see the characters’ lives outside the hotel, so the audience learns about them only through their conversations with each other.
While the sex talk is frank and both actors have nude scenes, the audience does not see the characters engage in intimate contact. Thompson goes out on a limb here by showing her mature body, a bold move, yet necessary to drive home the points of the film.
McCormack holds his own with Thompson. He gives Leo depth and you feel that this young man takes his job seriously. Whether he is hired for sex or companionship, it is important that he give his clients what they are searching for.
This is an intimate film, perfect for home viewing. It will bring up stimulating discussions about how we view sex work, aging, intimacy and body image.

Available on Hulu. Rated R, language and nudity