Racking up the most Oscar nominations this year, “The Power of the Dog” comes in strong. Fans of Director Jane Campion have had a long wait for a new film from her and she doesn’t disappoint in this complicated Western.
Set in 1925 Montana and based on the novel by Thomas Savage, “The Power of the Dog” is the story of two ranch owning brothers.
This movie is a slow burn that will test your patience. Phil is a brutal character to spend two plus hours with, but Cumberbatch manages to find a kernel of humanity underneath all of the toxic masculinity. While this film will certainly win Best Cinematography due to gorgeous landscape shots contrasted with brutal close-ups of steer castration, it’s the textured story and the way it unfolds that will linger long after the final credits roll. Streaming on Netflix.
Rated R for nudity, language, intense scenes