When it rains, it flows. The recent few days of rainfall has brought to life one of Mount Diablo’s most sought after features, its waterfalls. It is a seasonal attraction, so take advantage of the time in between storms and head out to the Falls Trail Loop. The trek is always most rewarding shortly after a substantial rainfall. While there are several trails to get there, the most common and easiest access is from Clayton’s Regency Trailhead.
In terms of difficulty, the 6-mile loop is considered easy to moderate. It includes about 1700 feet of elevation gain and the hike takes just under three hours round trip. The trails are well-marked, and not particularly muddy (as of this writing). But even muddy, the Waterfalls Trail makes for a fun outing, especially for the younger hikers.

The lower trails are wide and relatively flat before giving way to a little incline and eventually turning into single track trails. Hiking the Waterfalls Trail is a great way to spend a few hours on an early morning weekend. The views are fantastic, the waterfalls are spectacular, as are the wildflowers, wildlife, and rock formations.