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By Ruby, The Zipper Nose Doberman


It’s tempting to get caught up in Thanksgiving holiday cheer and indulge your dog by fixing them their own special Thanksgiving feast from the dinner table. Certainly, a few thin slices of turkey is a great way to include Fido in the celebration. But only in moderation. The herbs, butter and spices in combination with stuffing of a traditional turkey can contain onions and garlic which can be toxic to dogs. And here are the NO-NOS..
No turkey bone. Cooked poultry bones can splinter, puncturing the digestive tract.
No pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie, or other desserts that have a lot of sugar, are not good for pups. Many pumpkin pies contain nutmeg which can cause seizures. Foods high in sugar such as marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce can upset their stomach.
No dough. Watch out for meal preparation counter-surfing. When bread dough is ingested before being cooked, the heat in your pup’s body will cause it to rise, which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.
No Corn on the Cob. The cob is not only difficult to digest but it could it be a choking hazard.
No lactose. Lactose isn’t a typical part of a dog’s diet so super cheesy, buttery, and milk-laden mashed potatoes are not a good idea.
It’s much better to keep Fido happy with a few turkey nibbles and spare yourself an expensive trip to the Emergency Vet Clinic this Thanksgiving!

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