From the Publisher — David King



  1. We heard from Concord’s 150th Celebration Committee. They are the ones preparing Concord for the installation of Father Don Salvio Pacheco bronze statue with a time capsule of modern day artifacts to be reopened in 150 years from now.   Despite announcing the bricks were sold out, upon closer inspection, there are still a few bricks available after all.  So, last chance to get yours. Only $150.  Why, that’s just $1 per year!  (paid in advance).  So, if you think you are a legend, then let your legacy become lore and purchase a brick for future generations to honor you.
  2. It was nice to see some meaningful rain. My lawn enjoyed it.  So much so, that it looked like time lapse photography watching it grow just days following.   However, my lawnmower is still enjoying its long winter’s nap… I hate having wake it.
  3. Los Lomas High Boys Varsity Basketball missed being CA State Champions in a five-point loss to Chino Hills, 73-68.  Congratulations to them for their stellar season.  Anyone who has a meaningful final four bracket in the Men’s NCAA March Madness tournament clearly didn’t know what they were doing.  Parody has certainly reared its head this year, which is a good thing for college basketball and for sports in general.
  4. Real madness has been stirred by the Parkland, Fl school shooting.  Gun control vs. 2nd amendment advocates are locked in another high-stakes debate that threatens to impact midterm elections.  Students everywhere conduct a walkout despite attempts by some school administration to put the kibash on the protests. Media has been quick to latch on to the young Parkland newsmakers. And the March for Our Lives rally was larger than the Women’s March.  Several contributors helped Diablo Gazette recap local reactions (Pg. 3) to this National and avoidable tragedy, including Attorney Douglas Prutton’s column, an excellent review of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the 2nd  amendment.  Read “Legal Briefs” on this page.
  5. We are discovering that Facebook’s cavalier handling of user behavior data may have impacted the last Presidential election, (more so than any Russian influence) and other disturbing privacy revelations. This has sent shockwaves among its users and investors.  Even though others including Google, AT&T, Homeland Security, elementary schools, angels, deceased relatives, God and Sant Claus have all been reported as “keeping an eye” on us.   Perhaps we should all just do the right thing all the time.
  6. President Trump didn’t arrange for payment to someone to not tell anyone about something that he didn’t do to them but wants $1 million every time that someone does. Just madness.