My Back to School Swiss Army Knife

Here we are, the beginning of August and school is but a few weeks away. Speaking of school, I discovered that I own a Heald College Swiss Army knife. I’m not sure where I got it, or how long I have had it. I did not attend Heald College. I am not sure why a business college student would need one of these.

So I opened it up. There was a knife blade. Okay, expected, at some point even students can use a knife. I flipped open a two-prong tool for fixing divots on the golf course. Got it, golf is a big part of a successful business person’s future. A bottle opener …  naturally. After all, this is for college students. A pointy tool that I suspect is for punching holes in cans for shotgunning beer. And a smaller two-prong tool that I am not sure what it is good for, much like Heald College’s Course Credits. No one knows what those are good for either.

Did anyone know that Diablo Valley College has a pretty good football program? Sadly, it gets overshadowed by all of our high school football successes and the attention paid to Cal and Stanford programs. Vikings stadium announcer and Diablo Gazette writer, Alaina Limbrick, fills us in on the upcoming season.

I am really excited over the addition of our new column FrugElegance.

Carol & Randi, aka The FruGirls, are all about living the most frug-elegant life. FrugElegance is where frugal and elegance come together. “We love to create an elegant look for a lot less!” Visit their blog at www.FrugElegance. com. Their blog has been featured in Huffington Post’s Hometalk many times. They also own a local home staging & decorating business called FrugElegance by Design. The column will unveil their creative decorating ideas.

Be sure to read our article regarding AHA! (Anti-Hazing Awareness). No one wants to go through the nightmare Debbie Smith went through when she lost her son, Matt, to a hazing ritual at Chico State 10 years ago. Debbie is on a mission to make sure no one does.

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