We love sharing stories of Concord’s robust and fascinating history. The people, places and culture that built our town are important to today’s residents, visitors and future generations. From the home of John Muir to one of the oldest former wineries in northern California, Concord and its surrounding cities are full of fascinating places with historical significance.
In Concord you can take in some of the most eye-catching architecture including designs from two very famous faces, Frank Gehry and Joseph Eichler.

Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Spain, was named as one of the most important works completed since 1980 in the 2010 World Architecture Survey among architecture experts

Canadian-born American designer and architect Frank Gehry has been called “the most important architect of our age”. The buildings he has designed are numerous and all over the world. Some of his notable designs include the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (Spain), Foundation Louis Vuitton (Paris), and the Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles).
Gehry designed our own Concord Pavilion with landscape architect Peter Walker. The venue opened in 1975. Gehry also designed the renovations to the amphitheater in the 1990s with architect Randy Jefferson. The changes took the venue from 8,000 plus seats to a seating capacity of 12,500. Those renovations also included installing one of the largest stages in the country, allowing the Concord Pavilion to book artists that required something more. Think Sting, Gloria Estefan and the just announced Beck and Phoenix show coming this summer.
The Concord Pavilion is one of only two Bay Area outdoor amphitheaters offering an exclusive under the stars experience. Locals and visitors love seeing their favorite musical and comedic performers here. Summer nights guarantee the perfect weather to be outdoors on the lawn or in seats surrounded by delicious food and refreshing beverages. Check out the upcoming season at livenation.com.
American real estate developer and advocate for modern architecture, Joseph Eichler has homes in three different areas of Concord. Rancho Del Diablo, Rancho de Los Santos and Parkwood Estates were built between 1963 and 1964.
With over 175 homes, Concord has one of the most significant concentrations of Eichler homes in Concord. Something that mid-century enthusiasts love to look out for when visiting these neighborhoods.
Influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, Eichler’s homes are quickly recognized for their glass facades, open spaces, strong natural light, and a serene connection with nature. Those clean, modern lines of Eichler homes are complimented by underground utilities and no overhead power lines. Eichler enthusiasts look for distinctive post and beam construction, radiant floor heating, and a range of floor plans, many featured here in Concord.
The Concord Historical Society, which is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Concord and the surrounding area, offers a Concord Historic Walking Tour to visit the sights and explore important historic buildings. From Todos Santos Plaza, established in 1869 to the original County Fire House, you can see 28 locations highlighted on the tour, each with its own architectural story that contributed to the building of the original town of Todos Santos which we now call Concord.
Do something special and invest a weekend or two to take in any of these iconic pieces of architecture and then share with family and friends during their next visit. Concord has a unique vibe with hidden gems like these that make it a destination perfect for so many.
For more about the many experiences in Concord, visit www.visitconcordca.com.