By Jessica Raaum Foster,

Learning how the brain works shifted perspective on how I live my life. I do not always have the time or resources I would like to devote to my own self-care, but I have developed some simple NEURAL HYGIENE HABITS that I sprinkle throughout the day to keep my nervous system functioning as optimally as possible. Most of these habits don’t require setting aside time, extra energy, tools, or a change of clothes. 
This is my SLEUTHY SELF-CARE guide! Add these 10 simple “neural hygiene” habits to breaks in your day and see how great you feel! 

  1. Move often. Stand up. Dance, play, walk, bounce. Explore what movement feels good to you today!
  2. Look up and look out. Every 20 minutes. Set a timer if you have to. Look at something at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. 
  3. Go outside. Stand in the sunshine for several minutes. Feel the breeze. Smell the flowers. Move your eyes. Look at the world around you. Watch things move. 
  4. Breath. Low into your belly, long exhales.
  5. Enjoy your meals! SMELL your food before you eat it! TASTE your food! Chew it. Feel it go down as you swallow. Have a piece of fruit. (Brains need sugar.)
  6. Get sensual: When you shower, pay attention to the water. Notice the temperature. Feel the towel afterward. Be with your body as you put on lotion. Enjoy the aroma if it has one. Explore lighting options. Wear clothes that feel good to you. 
  7. Sing. Hum if you are shy. It doesn’t have to sound good. 
  8. Touch: Hug someone. Don’t like people? Get a cat. 
  9. Have your feelings: Smiling and laughing have positive benefits to your nervous system. So does expressing grief, anger, and fear. Find a safe place to express them fully, and then let them go. 
  10. Share these tips with a friend! Enrolling others in your goals goes a long way to achieving them! 
    Jessica Raaum Foster is a Neuro Performance Coach. For more information:, IG: @JessicaRaaumFoster, FB: @NeurologyofPresence
    E-mail: NeurologyofPresence@gmail.