By Terrylynn Fisher

Terrylynn Fisher

Have you heard of Curbio? This home improvements service is available to all Realtors, sellers and all real estate companies.
You might think a real estate company advertising this feature means that only they can provide the service. Wrong. You can contact Curbio directly, or many others that offer similar services for that fact.
Curbio says, “Curbio helps sellers reap the rewards of presale renovation without the hassle or upfront costs of working with a traditional home improvement company…We streamline the entire renovation process so that homes can be renovated quickly, get on the market ASAP and sell for the best possible price.”
Yes, there are strings attached, but if you are looking to get your home ready to sell, are short on funds, and expect to price your home to sell quickly, this may be an option.
Know that there are some downsides. Most notably, if the market changes, they contractually require you to lower your price to sell so they can be paid for their work. After all, they have paid the vendors and need to recoup their funds.
Realistically, it could be a good fit even though you may lose some control over whom you use and on some staging type decisions. Understand that they are there to help you get the most money. Read the reviews and know their pluses and minuses.
While this is not for everyone, the major advantage is you can use the Realtor of your choice and retain the same opportunity as all other real estate companies offer. Happy Selling.

Recently a customer said they talked with a realtor who recommended they list with their real estate company and let the company agents sell the home within their company rather than go on MLS. Was this a good idea?
I will answer this with a question.
Most sellers worry that if they do not expose their property on the internet to hundreds of thousands of Realtors and potential buyers, that they might not get a higher bid, or higher price.
Additionally, a Seller’s agent as defined in the Disclosure regarding Real Estate Agency Relationship says, “The seller’s agent under a listing agreement with the seller acts as the agent for the seller only with the following affirmative obligations. To the seller: A fiduciary duty of utmost care, integrity, honestly and loyalty in all dealings with the seller.”
So, my answer question is this: If I am representing you, the seller, and am to hold your interest above all others, including mine, then why would I recommend to use only the limited group of one company?