The Right Move

As interest rates rise and buyers pull back, the pressure to adjust price is more prevalent in order to obtain a faster sale, or a sale at all. Believe it or not, there are expired listings in the Multiple Listing System. BUT don’t be discouraged. It’s the gap between what you are selling and what you are buying that is important. With a Selling Plan, including professional home staging, you can still sell a home for whatever top dollar is in the current market.
As this happens, buyers become more discriminating, want more for less and their criteria doesn’t change much. Most still want move in ready homes. This includes the BOOMERS and ZOOMERS, Millenials and everything in between. Buyer tolerance and budget for fixing up diminishes as price range increases.
Decorating involves likes, style and color preferences for the people living in the home. Staging doesn’t. A survey shows that 75% of home owners THINK their personal décor is current. A glance at the MLS shows you that this is a big misconception. A recent National Association of Realtor Survey states that 90% of people cannot visualize beyond what they see! If that is so, then perception is everything when you are selling. Ask yourself (or your Realtor) a few questions:
Does your home look current in the eyes of the target buyer? (Buyers most likely looking for the home floor plan, location and amenities you offer.)
Does your home have obstacles that can be remedied to enhance the appeal to the target buyers? Are there neighborhood obstacles that you must accommodate for in price?
One of the significant and often overlooked impressions of how well people take care of their home starts at the front door. DO you have three different keys to get inside? Does the door lock work easily? Does the door stick? Is the door hardware discolored and/or rusted? Is the door freshly painted and inviting? While Realtors open (or try to open the door) buyers are standing by our side, watching, noticing and viewing your home from the front door. Make a good impression here and they enter with anticipation and an open mind vs wondering what else might not be work so well. Some of the SMALL things make BIG differences to overall impression. Let your Selling Plan start there.
BTW, Thanks for the call, Gita in Crystyl Ranch, I’m always happy to help with kitchen update questions.

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