By Terrylynn Fisher, Broker Associate

If you’ve thought of adding an office, playroom, pool house, guest room or apartment on your property as part of your home or outside your home, there could not be a better time than now. You probably refer to such add-ons as a “mother-in-law unit,” but that’s not a term we use these days. So, these are now called Accessory Dwelling Units or ADU, or Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit, JADU.
I realize this is a hot topic because I’ve had a number of client calls on this recently. Fortunately, new information released over the past year makes this more possible than ever.
You must check with your individual City for their regulations; however, the State of California has required Cities to remove some of the prohibitive regulations of the past to create more housing.
For example, gone is the regulation that you had to have off-street parking for the new unit. (see guide below).

ADU Brings Value to Your Home. A home office, detached home office, a classroom area for home schooling, a guest room or a place for relatives to be nearby have all become items at the top of the buyer wish list.
Whether you purchase a modular or prefab version or build it yourself, a well-done, permitted unit will be an asset to your home’s value when you sell. And until that time, you can enjoy the use of it for your needs.
Alleviating the housing shortage was part of the goal of the law, but the real benefit for many is the ability to stay in their homes.
Review this Quick Guide and then call your city jurisdiction for more information to address your specific interest.