(photos by Pierce Herrmann, www.pthphotography.com)

Claire Churchill of Concord, will be returning to New York to dance with Steps on Broadway. Claire spent the past month dancing with American Ballet Theatre (ABT) in New York, where she was placed in their most advanced level.  (see story April Diablo Gazette, https://www.diablogazette.com/ae/american-ballet-theatre-accepts-concord-dancer/ )

As a seventeen-year-old, Claire was the youngest dancer in the group of mostly college-age students. For Claire, “ABT was an amazing learning experience, from my ability to work in the highest-level group with people who train in companies, to the personal instruction, care, and correction the teachers gave to me.”
At the conclusion of the ABT program, Claire auditioned for “Steps on Broadway”. After returning home from New York, she learned she had been offered her a scholarship to dance in the highest level of their summer program. Claire is thrilled to be able to dance at Steps.  Their three-week program will give her a chance to continue her work in classical ballet as well as being able to continue studying contemporary and modern dance.

“I’m excited to be learning from world-renowned teachers,” Claire says. “I hope to become more versatile in my dancing and I will increase my stamina.”  She will be dancing from 8:30am to 6:00pm five days each week.
Studying in New York is a dream for most dancers, and Claire feels blessed to have another chance to dance in this amazing city. While in New York, Claire was able to see her favorite dancer, Misty Copeland dance in Swan Lake and she was even able to meet Ms. Copeland after the performance.

Also, Pierce Herrmann, an up-and-coming professional photographer who has worked with National Geographic provided a pro bono shoot on the streets of New York. His photos of Claire captured her hard work and the beauty of the city.

While Claire was awarded a scholarship, these funds only cover the cost of the program. She is responsible for her flight, living expenses and accommodations. Many excellent dancers do not make it professionally due to the overwhelming costs associated with dancing at this advanced level. You can help Claire make her dreams come true by donating to her Go-fund-me account. https://www.gofundme.com/manage/claire-project-abt.