The Story in Art in Walnut Creek, Calif. on Wednesday, December 2, 2015.

Tableau Vivants, or Living Pictures, are static scenes containing one or more actors or cast members, depicting artwork.
Before radio, film and television, tableau vivants were popular forms of entertainment. Cast members are motionless and silent, in costume, and are carefully posed with props and/or scenery.
“The Story 2024” will include 13 of these living pictures. Each depicting biblical themes from the prophets of the Old Testament to the apostles of the New Testament.

Through elegant wardrobe and makeup, these models appear as sculptures.

“The Story” is not just an art show. It is an experience that brings beautiful orchestrated musical arrangements and narration that connects the storyline from each beautiful, re-created painting and sculpture. Some pieces of art you will find familiar, like Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper,” and some of the pieces are lesser-known works that still clearly illustrate a scene from the pages of scripture.
“The Story In Art” began in 2012 and quickly became a NorthCreek tradition. Over the past 11 years The Story has been performed during the Christmas season to over 31,500 attendees, and this year it will be shared as we prepare for Easter.

Over 300 volunteers have worked year round to bring The Story to life. From the construction crew, sewing department, fabricators, welders, artists, make-up teams, cast members, choir, and orchestra, with the sole purpose of carefully preserving not just the artistry of the pieces that you will see, but most importantly the truth of the Scriptures.
The Story shares “the story” of the bible from beginning to end. With music, narration, and reproduced works of art, we capture scenes directly from the pages of scripture that summarize the Old Testament, illuminate the nativity, focus on Christ’s life and ministry, bring a greater understanding of his death and resurrection, and explore how the new testament church spread like wildfire around the globe.
The Story is remarkable. Six masterful performances are coming March 21-24.
NorthCreek Church is located at 2303 Ygnacio Valley Rd. in Walnut Creek. Go to for showtimes and tickets. This article is courtesy of