By Mayor Jim Diaz

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
What’s Happening Around Town in 60 Seconds or Less.
I am committed to keeping you informed on important issues impacting our Community throughout the year.
For those of you not in attendance at our Tuesday, January 16, 2024, Council Meeting, I am proud to announce the Council approved a new three-year contract with our Police Chief, Richard McEachin. I am extremely happy with the negotiations and grateful for the excellent service our Police Chief and his staff provide to the Clayton Community.

Also at this meeting, we discussed a potential parking permit program near the planned 81-unit Olivia on Marsh Creek Project downtown. Thank you to those citizens who made their voices heard. We hear you loud and clear.
Rather than presenting options and encouraging discussion on how to solve the problem, the Staff Report seemed designed to push towards the desired result of taking no action and “kicking the can down the road.” I, too, was disappointed with the Staff Report and the direction they wanted to take. A “kick-the-can down-the-road” approach is unacceptable and our community deserves better.
The Council gave direction to Staff to return with an agenda item to establish an ad-hoc committee to discuss potential solutions or actions that we could take regarding the impact excessive parking may create in Stranahan, downtown, and surrounding areas. I think we can all agree that 81 units with just 1.1 parking spaces per unit is a problem waiting to happen. Additionally, to clear up any misunderstanding, the Olivia on Marsh Creek is not a 55 and over Senior Housing Project and there is no age restriction.
As I mentioned in my last writing, I am extremely excited to participate in the planning for Clayton’s 60th Anniversary of its 1964 Inauguration. I encourage everyone to get involved. Please contact City Hall if you would like to volunteer your time or expertise.
As your mayor, I will work hard to maintain Clayton’s character while running an open and transparent local government. I want to keep you informed and involved in important decisions every step of the way.

Lastly, Happy 100th Birthday to Clayton resident Chuck Kohler. As one of the few remaining World War II and Pearl Harbor survivors, we thank him for his service and honor his sacrifices for our country.
You can reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns at 925-673-7316 or Let’s make 2024 a year to remember in Clayton. I look forward to working with you.