Luna Restaurant

Luna has certainly earned its reputation as one of Concord’s finest Italian eateries. But sometimes there is more than meets the pallet. It had some unique guests this past month. Mutual of Omaha brought out a couple of wild animals to Luna, an alligator and capybara.

How many remember the TV show Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom”? Although the show is no longer running, “Wild Kingdom” paid a visit to Lunas anyway as part of representative Rich McDaniel Financial Services client appreciation event.
Also, two recent Moroccan nights presented some sensational belly dancing entertainment for the diners. 2118 Willow Pass Rd. (next to Starbucks)

You can count on owner/Chef Habib Jacifi to always deliver a fine dining experience. 2118 Willow Pass Rd.

Sugar Plum Coffee Shop

Owner Claudia Lemus with former owner Ray Rosenblatt.

Sugar Plum is Concord’s second-oldest-running restaurant and is celebrating its 64th anniversary in November. Over the years, Sugar Plum has seen several owners, and many of its servers have spent a lifetime there. Current Owner Claudia Lemus says she began working there at age 15. She obtained a Business Administration degree and then returned to take ownership in August 2020.
After installing some upgrades to the restaurant, COVID lockdowns persisted. It was an extreme hardship for her new ownership. “It was rough,” Claudia said. Feeling a deep obligation towards her friends turned employees, she was determined to keep them working full-time. With the help of some creative promotions and community support, she endured.
“I am so grateful for the community. They kept us running during that period with takeout orders, purchasing gift cards and accepting outdoor dining,“ Lemus said.
In November, make a date to honor this iconic downtown diner and enjoy a 50s-style breakfast or lunch. Personally, my wife and I like sitting at the counter in front of its open kitchen to watch the fascinating orchestration and hustle of short-order service. 1815 Colfax St.

A Touch of Europe

One cannot help but root for success for A Touch of Europe and its new owner, Hristiani Peneva. A Touch of Europe is a unique store that offers just that, the essence of Europe, where you can enjoy European delights, specialty coffee, feta cheese bombs, to a host of dry meats, sandwiches, pastries, wines, and salads.
Historically, and still a European grocery market, Peneva has been hard at work giving the location a new facelift and introducing new features including a large selection of moderately priced European wines. Its large seating area is the perfect place to hang out European-style and enjoy a wine flight and charcuterie snacks after work.
Peneva immigrated to the United States from Bulgaria in 2006. Her parents came first during the 2002 Winter Olympics as Bulgarian Folk dancers and chose to become citizens here. Eventually, they located to Concord because of its large Bulgarian community.

Here, Peneva’s independence and drive has been a requirement for her. Her parents traveled often leaving her alone to fend for herself during her years attending College Park High School.
Now, 29, her enthusiasm for her old country, her natural charm, radiating smile and determination has given the place a renewed life to becoming an integral part of Concord’s community.
In October alone, A Touch of Europe was honored in a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Chamber of Commerce, a featured stop in the Kiwanis “Taste of Concord” event, and supporter of Creative Concord Art event at the Todos Santos park.
Whether for a morning pastry and coffee, a deli lunch, or just an after-work hangout, by all means, gather some friends and give this place a visit. 1880 Colfax St.

A touch of Europe has been a long-standing market for European foods and wines.
Bulgarian Fold Dancers and a host of community leaders joined the Concord Chamber of Commerce in a ribbon cutting ceremony on October 19.

Himalayan Cuisine

Sarala Gautum and Rama Neupane

Himalayan Cuisine is quietly one of the best Nepalese/Indian cuisine restaurants in Concord. It has been featured with rave reviews in local publications as well as online and most recently featured in the Kiwanis “Taste of Concord” event.
Owners Sarala Gautam and her sister-in-law Rama Neupane have embraced their close family ties ever since the tragic death of Rama’s husband from a river rafting accident in Nepal in 1993, while she was pregnant.
While each have a lifetime of experience preparing Nepalese and Indian cuisine, their main push is to keep the business intimately involved with the community. The restaurant has been around for years, but these two ladies took ownership in 2021, a time greatly hindered by Covid restrictions. It has been slowly recovering since.
Their menu includes Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Seafood. Our foods are prepared fresh using locally grown produce which are purchased weekly at the Concord’s Farmer’s market.

Choose among the favorite standard fare of Nepalese

and Indian cuisine which can be custom prepared to suit your level of spiciness on any of their flavorful dishes.
“We would like to grow the restaurant,” said Gautam. Himalayan Cuisine has a spacious seating area for dining in. Or, take out or enjoy a variety of flavorful dishes at your catered event.

Give this restaurant a visit and support these wonderful ladies. Located downtown next to Todos Santos Plaza somewhat hidden from view at 2118 Willow Pass Rd.
See their menu online at