October 7 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


164 Los Altos Avenue: clothes, kids toys, misc decorations 215 Los Banos Avenue comics, kids costumes, toys, housewares, books

226 Los Banos Avenue: Audio Equipment and Speakers, Espresso Machine, Propane Tank, Outdoor Umbrella, Art Work, Racoon Traps, Sporting Equipment, Baseball Card Collection, Wii Equipment

250 Los Banos Avenue: comics, toys, books, and clothing

257 Los Banos Avenue: kitchen items, glasses, a dining table plus chairs, a vanity desk, clothes, baby items

290 Los Cerros Avenue: Assorted yard tools, various household items, wall clocks, small table, Antique table with old fashion clothes wringer. Various new video electronic equipment.

2604 San Antonio Drive: furniture, childrens items

2640 San Antonio Drive: Miscellaneous

2646 San Antonio Drive: plants, succulents, addorted household items

2682 San Antonio Drive: furniture, glassware, dishes, misc items

265 San Antonio Way: Miscellaneous

2709 San Benito Drive: playroom furniture

2836 San Benito Drive: Miscellaneous

2872 San Benito Drive: camping/outdoor supplies, small home furniture, household items, kitchen/cooking/baking items, office/school supplies/holdiay items/yarn/craft supplies (knitting, crocheting, quilting)/ as section of free items- books, clothing/shoes

48 San Carlos Court misc household items

2715 San Carlos Drive: housewares, clothing, holiday decorations

2724 San Carlos Drive: Miscellaneous

2827 San Carlos Drive: power washer and air compressor

33 San Marino Court: handbags, shoes, clothing

31 San Pedro Court: Miscellaneous

70 San Pedro Court: Miscellaneous

7 San Rafael Court: Miscellaneous  

Check back for more items and updates.