Have you heard? Concord has been declared the happiest city in the United States! (If that is news to you, see the story on page 10).
I would like to think there is a strong reason for this. Hopefully, it will translate into some added visitors and revenue to our community.
Sometimes, it’s good to just stop and take some needed time to reflect on the change of pace and priorities in the hospitality and media marketing world around me. What really gets me excited? What makes me come back to do more?
We start with building and growing a trusted network of supportive allies. Shared marketing programs allowed Visit Concord to get right back into the field and accelerate hospitality and tourism recovery based on collaboration, thoughtfulness, and building a better, or should I say “happy” community together.
Campaigns such as the Taco Trail, Comfort Food Week, Creative Concord Mural Project, and the Concord Jazz Festival all had a larger presence in the regional and state marketplace as our partners shared content and a mutual message to engage potential visitors and spark their interest in our community.
We cannot dismiss the importance of our young, up-and-coming generation, who keep us on our toes – in a good way. Did you know these GenZers take up 32% of the population and control $360 billion in buying power? Even better, they love to travel with an eye for unique experiences. They harbor concern about the environmental impact of travel and are attentive to sustainability, and flexible travel options (Think Amtrak).
Visit Concord’s partnerships with Sustainable Contra Costa, Save Mt. Diablo and Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery (to name a few) help define Concord as we bring you sustainability campaigns and sensory training programs.
And there’s you. I feel joy everyday as I walk into the Concord Visitor Center and can chat with residents and visitors who come to explore their very own visitor information center. It is located in the heart of downtown inside Salvio Pacheco Square, open Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4 pm.
So how well do you know Concord? I invite you to come in and find photos and view videos on Concord’s rich history, gaze at Concord Art Association murals and paintings, pick up trail maps and pamphlets on Mt. Diablo and the surrounding hills and waterfronts, gather information on booking hotels rooms, learn of current campaigns, and walk away with some fun Concord merchandise. Concordopoly, anyone?
See you soon. www.VisitConcordCA.com 925-685-1182