Letter to the City of Concord — I am a long time Concord resident. Recently (Jan 2020), I started my visitation to many homeless on a daily basis. Now going into 13 months.
I know so many homeless women and men by name and have learned at least part of their stories. I have watched their lives unfold this past year. A few got into housing like Ambika. A few more got into the motel rooms like Randy and Maria. Some like Bob are so clean and quiet he does not get disturbed or asked to move, and it seems a motel room for Bob may be coming soon.
Others like Teresa, Kari, Mark, Carol are suffering from major disabilities and cannot seem to fit into the system to find or get the help needed.
Roy is harmless, but he talks to himself a lot.
Amber lives in her van and works when she can. She is a great mechanic and earns funds doing what she does best.
Stephanie is sickly and weighs 100 lbs. wet. I’m trying to find the help she needs through CORE.
Lloyd has been homeless for 5 years. This week he takes a bus to live with his mother. Lloyd is 30.
Nichole is a delightful person and is getting her hope renewed. I believe she will make it with a little help.
Anthony did sheetrock until he broke his arm, lost his job during COVID and now lives out of his truck.
”Q” is a quiet young man. He wants to live at home, but his mom’s new boyfriend doesn’t like him and pushes him out on the streets.
Delightful ”Asia” has left this life, I will miss her smile.
These are just a few of my homeless friends. To those who would hear, could you go out and get to know the Name and Story of one or two Homeless men or women?
It never is the wrong time to do the right thing.

Thank you, — Jack Fliehmann.