Update June 10:   The Don Salvio Pacheco bronze statue is now complete and is waiting to be installed.  It remains in a studio in Berkeley and is planned to be installed at Todos Santos Park on June 27.  Time capsules have already been placed in their underground vaults including a June 2018 edition of the Diablo Gazette.

(originally posted  March, 2018) We heard from Master Sculptor Paula Slater who is diligently working on the life-size Father Don Salvio Pacheco bronze statue for unveiling at Concord’s Sesquicentennial Celebration on July 4th.  In an e-mail message to the Concord Historical Society and the City of Concord, and Concord Art Association early February, she was almost done with the clay portrait sculpture and sent along a few photos revealing the incredibly intricate details of the 7-foot sculpture.

“I’ve been very busy sculpting the Pacheco portrait with tons of fine detailing–down to his watch-chain, button hold threads, and veins on the back of his hand. This is going to look so incredible in bronze–I think it will be one of my favorite portrait sculptures!”

One look at these images and we share in her excitement. there are several steps yet to go before completed. A silicon mold must be made, then it will be divided into 8 pieces and sent to a foundry to pour the bonze, which is bright brassy color. The pieces will be welded back together and polished.  Then a patina artist will perfect the final touches through patination, a process of applying high heat and chemicals to give it the texture and the proper bronze coloring.


Locked In the granite base of the statue the Concord Historical Society will place a time capsule, approximately 20” x 4”,  with five to ten items of current memorabilia to store for another 150 years to be opened in the year 2168.  Items suggested for the time capsule are an iphone, gas prices, photos, movie ticket/poster, and newspaper.  “We would like to get some ideas from the community,” Brandy Leidgen who is on the celebration committee. “Perhaps your readers or those of Claycord.com can give us for some ideas.”

Personally, we think a copy of the July 2018 Diablo Gazette would be a good idea.

On another note, the members of the Concord Historical Society and celebration committee expressed their gratitude to all the local businesses and residents who sponsored bricks and tiles to be placed around the base of the statue. “We are completely sold out,” Brandy stated.  “Those purchases are what funded this project. We were lucky to have found Paula, and lucky to have such great people in our community to support this.”

150th Celebration Committee: L-R Leslye Asera, Florence Weiss, Lisa Fulmer, Marilyn Fowler, Nellie Meyer, Brandy Leidgen, Ron Leone, Suzie Swift, Carol Longshore, Ray Barbour, JoAnne Fryer, Carlyn Obringer, Julie Marquardt, Justin Ezell