by Carol and Randi

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Making your own party decor can save lots of money. Especially with these colorful DIY Tissue Paper Party Flowers -aka, party pompoms. Last month we shared how to make decorative Teacup Flower Centerpieces.   Because this is one of the busiest times of the year for parties and celebrations, we wanted to share with you another easy to make decorations. This one has to be the lowest cost and easiest project that just about anyone can do.  It is also a great project to do with the kids!

Tissue Paper Flowers make fabulous “FrugElegant” summer party decorations for graduations, showers, and weddings.   Paper flowers are bright and festive and only cost a few dollars to make.

We purchased the three needed products at our local dollar store: assorted colorful tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and a bag of rubber bands.

Here are the Steps:

Creasing 11- Stack six sheets of tissue paper.

Make 1″ to 1-1/2″ wide accordion folds.

With each fold press to create a crease.



2 pipe cleaner2- Using a pipe cleaner, wrap around the middle

of the folded tissue paper. This will hold the flower

together and use ends to attach to a banner or

wherever decorations are needed.


3 unfolding3- Using scissors, trim ends of tissue into desired shapes.

For pointy shapes, cut a V-shape. If you prefer round edges,

cut more of a U-shape.

4- Separate layers one at a time till flower is full


4 tieing the bud


5 variationsTo add variety to your paper flower decorations consider these options. Cut your tissue paper into smaller sizes to create different sizes.

Use different color tissue sheets in your stack to make a multi-colored paper flower.   Try Glitter Glue to gently add a little sparkle to some

of the ends. Be sure to allow time to dry thoroughly.   Use fishing line to hang your paper flowers.
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