There is more going on at Clayton Valley Bowl than just bowling.  Somewhat inconspicuously, on the first Wednesday of each month for the past five years, the Clayton Valley Bowl lounge lights up with a Comedy night… and it’s free.  Billed as “Myers likes Fires” after the host and comic, Dan Mires. Mires created this night after being inspired by the lounge’s weekly Tuesday night Open mike night. Instead of music, Dan would get up and perform a brief stand up.

“Back in 2013,” Mires recalls, “I approached the venue if they would allow me to do a one-off comedy night. They said okay. So, then I asked all my friends and family and anyone I would meet to come out.” And they did. About 60 to 70 folks attended.  That’s a good crowd for such a small venue.

“After that night, the lounge approached me and suggested that we try to do a comedy night once per month.”  From then on, the first Wednesday of each month is now free Comedy Night.

To produce a comedy show without admission takes a little magic.  Without funds, marketing is completely a grassroots effort.  Mires belongs to a Facebook Group called Bay Area Comedy Network and uses Craig’s List and other internet sites that will allow him to advertise the show and invite entertainers.

As a standup himself, Mires performs in several western States.   He invites comics to participate whenever they come to the Bay Area. “I get comics from LA, Sacramento, San Francisco and anyone coming to the Bay Area to perform.” Surprisingly, they come.  “There is a tip jar that generates a few hundred dollars that we share.” Whatever works. Mires says it’s been consistently successful, routinely attracting audience sizes of 40 to 90. March 7 marks it’s  5-year anniversary.

Try out free comedy night and have a good laugh at Mires Likes Fires, 8 -10pm.,  inside the lounge at Clayton Valley Bowl, 5300 Clayton Road in Concord.