Monument Corridor families celebrate approval of new school, slated to open in Fall 2016

At a California Board of Education hearing Thursday afternoon, the state approved a new nonprofit Rocketship elementary school for the Monument Corridor community. Parents in the Monument Corridor attended the hearing and wrote letters of support that were delivered to the California Board of Education.

“I’m excited and hopeful about my son attending the new Rocketship school here in Concord,” said Cristina Gutierrez, a parent in Concord who signed the petition for the new school. “When I looked at the test scores and college attendance rates for Latino students in the County, I knew I needed to find a better choice for my son. Only 15% of Latino students in our county graduate high school ready to attend college. I have family at a Rocketship school in San Jose, and they’ve told me about the dedicated teachers, engaged parent community, and motivated students at Rocketship. Rocketship motivates students to reach for more.”

The nonprofit network of elementary schools is dedicated to eliminating the achievement gap. Rocketship schools serve primarily students from low-income backgrounds in neighborhoods where access to excellent schools is limited. Rocketship also has extensive experience teaching English language learners. Over 50% of Rocketship’s students in California are English language learners, which is similar to the student demographic in the Monument Community.

“The path to college starts in elementary school. The new Rocketship public elementary school in the Monument Corridor means more of the youngest students in the community will get on the right track and graduate prepared to succeed in college and beyond,” said Cheye Calvo, Rocketship’s Chief Growth and Community Engagement Officer. “Rocketship has the experience and strong education model to help Concord students make huge strides in their path to a college education. The California Board of Education made the right decision to give families a choice to send their students to a new Rocketship public elementary school in Concord.”

The new elementary school will be Rocketship’s first in Concord and Contra Costa County and comes after extensive advocacy and relationship building in the community with parents and local organizations.

Rocketship’s Model for Success

Rocketship is rethinking the traditional school model to meet the unique needs of every child. Guided by a team of excellent teachers and school leaders, each student at Rocketship receives a personalized learning experience that delivers the right content at the right time using the method of instruction. With a blend of direct instruction, targeted small group instruction and adaptive online learning programs, Rocketship’s students accelerate their academic growth and realize their full potential.

Traditionally, schools are expected to deliver one year of academic growth for every year a student is in school. Last year, Rocketeers across ten schools in the Bay Area averaged 1.7 years of growth in math  and 1.5 years of growth  reading.

“I myself grew up and went to school in the Monument Corridor. Giving my children the opportunity to go to a better school means the world to me,” said Jennifer Perez, a parent in the Monument Community. “I want my daughter to attend the new Rocketship school. That means she’ll get the boost she needs early in her education to be a confident learner. Rocketship schools are colorful, vibrant learning communities with a strong college-bound culture.”

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About Rocketship Education
Rocketship Education is a nonprofit public charter network of elementary schools working to eliminate the achievement gap. Founded in 2007 in San Jose, Rocketship has since expanded to thirteen charter schools in three regions. Rocketship schools serve primarily low-income students in neighborhoods where access to excellent schools is limited. Rocketship’s model is based on three pillars: excellent teachers & leaders, personalized learning, and engaged parents.

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