Parenting used to be an innate skillset, not something regulated by government and so-called experts in the field of child rearing.

Recent controversies have included “free range kids” where parents have been the target of Child Protective Services’ investigations for allowing their children to walk a half block to the park without adult supervision. The portrayal of parents defying the established expectations – established by these same experts – not only defies our Constitutional right to parent our children as we see fit, but has also created a bubble society where children are no longer able to be … kids.

The rights of a parent to parent has also been corrupted by the stigma of social pressure placed upon any parent who defies the accepted practices, whether that is to circumcisize boys, object to the every increasing, and still controversial, vaccine program, homeschooling, nutrition, and more.

It is a complicated issue that is also affected by the parents who treat school as a daycare service, and schools that fail to see the energy needs of students unable to sit motionless for long stretches of time.

The link attached, from Marks Daily Apple, is an excellent summation of all these issues, and one that every parent should read. I would like your feedback. Leave your comment at the bottom of the page and share what you think.