What Really Matters:  Spring into the Future

Dan2 by Dan Ashley ABC-7 News Anchor

This is my favorite time of year.

There is something magical about the trees suddenly in bloom, flowers poking out of the earth to take a look around after a long winter’s nap, and the smell of freshly cut grass. The grass smells different to me in the springtime, not like it does after being mowed in the dormant months.  Growing up in my home state of North Carolina, I have vivid memories of the sights and sounds of the seemingly over-night arrival of the spring season.  It is especially vivid in that part of the country; perhaps because of the sudden warmth and generally plentiful rainfall that fuels the transition to the new season.

The arrival of spring is, by definition, a time of rebirth and new life and, for those who breath it in, it can also be a period of powerful rejuvenation and inspiration.  This is a time of year that tends to make people optimistic, forward-looking, and excited about the future.  They call it “spring cleaning” for a reason. Much like the birds returning from a winter’s migration that get to work immediately on their new nests, many of us instinctively find ourselves drawn to new or neglected projects around the house, feathering our own nests.  That is perennially the case around my home.

Every spring, the often dormant golf-bug reawakens in me as I am drawn back to the sport that has been a life-long passion.  Every year, with the arrival of The Masters, I delude myself into thinking that this is the year that I will awaken my inner Jack Nicklaus and conquer the sport to finally fulfill my destiny.  Oddly, it never seems to happen.

Yes, spring has sprung, and it is a time to embrace the world anew.

What Really Matters is that we enter this new season with as much optimism and gratitude and sense of wonder as we can muster.  It is a magical time of year.