Happy 100th Birthday Gloria Weingarten

By Micah
In February, Gloria Weingarten celebrated her 100th birthday at the Concord Royale.  I was given the privilege of attending thanks to the kind staff and the Jordan family.  One should always get to know their local Centenarians, so I accepted.  Here is what 100 years of living looks like.

Gloria was born on February 10, 1917 as the eldest child of Max and Helen Weingarten.  Her sister Maxine and her brother Morris were bone in 1921 and 1929 during which her family lived in New York city. When Gloria was 15 her family moved to Paris where they lived for one year.

It was during a trip with a friend to California in 1937 where she first met her husband Henry Jordan who was also from New York. They were married in 1938 and made their home in Los Angeles.

As the United States were on the brink of war in 1941, Gloria and Henry became parents.  Their son, Mark William was born on April 17th 1941 and 3 years later, another, James Richard joined the family on January 1st of 1944.

In 1948, Gloria and her sons returned to New York to live with Max and Helen after Henry’s death and raised her boys on Long Island while working a variety of occupations in pharmacies.

There had always been a long running desire to return to California for Gloria, so in 1969 she moved back to Los Angeles.

Gloria has seen much of the world.  Her passion for travel has taken her some of her most adored places one can imagine including Bali, Thailand, Ireland, France, and Jordan, and Egypt as well as many U.S. national parks.

Gloria has always had a passion for animals, gardening, and the outdoors. In Palm Springs, she volunteered at the Ariel Tramway and the Living Desert.  As for pets, she favors cats and turtles and enjoys feeding humming birds with the multitude of feeders she leaves out for them.

She also paints and participates in raking art classes.

After her second husband Don passed in 2001, Gloria continued to live in southern California for many years until she moved to Walnut Creek to be closer to her family.  Last February, Gloria moved to the Concord Royale.
I was thrilled to be allowed to witness her milestone birthday and see her surrounded by a loving family that spanned multiple generations. Happy 100th Birthday Gloria Weingarten.

Photos by Micah

Photo Captions:  Concord Mayor Laura Hoffmeister and Linda Karp of Blossoms for Barbara present Gloria Weingarten with flowers and a City Proclamation the February 10, 2017 is Gloria Weingarten Day for Concord.







Gloria Weingarten, Great Granddaughters Miranda and Amelia, Grand daughter Abby.

Middle row: (daughters-in-law) Cindy, Kathy, and Joyce

Sons Mark and Jim,