On November 22, volunteers distributed 600 turkey dinners to those who would otherwise and often go without.
I wonder if it is understood just how large such an effort can be. Do we take volunteering for granted and underappreciate its invaluable contribution to our community?

Councilmember Dominic Aliano does some heavy lifting while organizing and directing this year’s turkey drive.

As a personal quest, this is Councilmember, (now Mayor) Dominic Aliano’s second year organizing this Drive, which appeared to be in jeopardy.
“I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it again because of fundraising concerns and supply chain issues,” Aliano stated.
Yet many people and organizations helped with food distribution, including Concord City Councilmembers, Unity Council, Monument First 5, Central Regional Group First 5, Monument Impact, Community Youth Center, Boys & Girls Club of Contra Costa County, Concord Police Department, VFW Post 1525, Visit Concord, Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery and Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades Council, Local 104, Local 483, Local 342, Local 159, Local 324,Local 16, Local 302,Local 549, Local 152, Local 3 (Bricklayers).
“I am just incredibly grateful for everyone that supported this event because there are families who are experiencing hunger and I hope these turkey dinners could help. I know they do not fix everything yet sometimes a simple gesture, like these turkey dinners, can make a positive difference in a person’s life. In the end, it is just the right thing to do.”
Turkeys were purchased at Nob Hill and brought to a distribution location as volunteer drivers then delivered to various destinations throughout Concord.
“Hopefully, these Thanksgiving dinners added joy to the holiday for people experiencing economic difficulties,” Aliano said.
I am sure it did. Thank you Councilmember Aliano for spearheading this drive. and to all of you who donated and participated in this generosity.