By FROgard – “SUMMER MUSINGS” is our current and 100th exhibit at the aRt Cottage! It runs through August 22 featuring the works of 14 LAA (Lafayette Art Alliance) members. They are: Sharon Tama, Donna Arganbright, Pamela McCauley, Melchia Kutches, Ruth Stanton, Virginia George, David Manousos, Nora Krauss, Jill Waggoner, Shahla Sepehri, Yuanqi Zhang, Ruth McMillin, and Suzun Almquist.

This is an upbeat exhibit with our gardens also open for exploring. You will find ceramics, sculptures, garden art, and many beautiful paintings on the gallery walls. The public is welcome to attend our two free artist receptions. One on July 11 from 5pm to 7 pm, and our closing reception on August 22nd from 7pm to 9 pm.
If you are not familiar, aRt Cottage is Concord’s small gallery located in the North Todos Santos District at 2238 Mt. Diablo St. It was once a fruit picker’s shack, built in 1925. The fruit pickers were locals who would help the farmers bring in the crop, almonds.
I purchased the “shack” in Dec. 2011 and in Feb. 2012 the first exhibit was up…called “On the Wall” because my colleagues painted, drew, and chalked directly on the walls. I wanted to have their work “forever” and keep it as a memory for “R” Cottage. When new work came in the following month, these wall artists had to paint over their creations. But I still have the memories and “history” via photos.
From 2012 until 2020, aRt Cottage has had a new exhibit each month, and a few pop-up shows. Twelve exhibits times eight years makes ninety-six exhibits. In 2020, we have each exhibit for a two-month period. Add it up, that means exhibit “SUMMER MUSINGS” is aRt Cottage’s 100th exhibit!
Little did anyone know about COVID-19 at the start of this year. But we are taking care of ourselves and each other. I see neighbors sharing and helping each other. I see smiling eyes and hands waving hello from people I have never met. Our pace seems slower and friendlier. We make eye contact when we talk to each other and our speech is softer. Just when I feel like giving up, someone comes along and gives me a helping hand. Life is good here in Concord. But, at the aRt Cottage life is beautiful and wonderful. Thank you to all who come through the door and help make this place what it is.
aRt Cottage is reopen (as of the time of this writing) with social distancing and mask wearing Tuesday through Friday, 11A to 5P and Saturday, 1P to 5P. Classes currently are private. You can call (925) 956-3342 to arrange for your private art experience. Wherever we can, we supply the materials.