What Really Matters

by Dan AshleyDan1

This is the time of year when thousands of seniors around the Bay Area are graduating from high school and getting excited about heading off to college in a couple of months.  It is a special time in a young person’s life and there is nothing quite like it.

Many of those graduates are going off to the college of their choice, while many others have had to face a hard lesson about the reality of the state of higher education in California.

The dirty little secret in the University of California system is finally out in the open. A scathing new report reveals what so many parents of college-bound seniors have long suspected. Spots to deserving, academically qualified students across the state, the new report finds, are being denied admission in order to make room for more out-of-state students.

Why?  Money,of course.

Out-of-state tuition and fees are several times higher than what in-state students pay. That creates a seductive financial incentive to discriminate against Californians and it is clear that is exactly what is happening. The report, vehemently denied and denounced by University of California President Janet Napolitano, even accuses the university of lowering admissions standards for those young people applying from outside our state as a way to lure them, and their parent’s money, to California.

Keep in mind, the U-C system was designed to ensure that all qualified California kids get the chance at a world-class education.  But the scathing 116 page state audit concludes that is not happening, going further to accuse U-C of hurting California young people by denying them access in order to make room for out-of-state students who pay a premium to attend. That is wrong. Private schools can do whatever they want, but we are talking about a public university with a prime directive to give deserving young people from across the state first dibs at one of the best university systems in the country.

What Really Matters is that U-C administrators and lawmakers stop dismissing the tax-payers who fund this system and fulfill the promise made to the young people of this state.

But, for the moment, to all of our new graduates— congratulations, enjoy a wonderful summer, and good luck in the Fall!